Travel is one of life’s greatest adventures. It can open our minds to new cultures and places and give us a wonderful experience relaxing and exploring different countries. With so many incredible places to visit in the world, many people feel that they want to explore everywhere, and wish they could afford to do so. With a few clever tips and tricks, travelling the world is more achievable than you think. Below, we’ve listed out our top tips for travelling on a budget, so you can get the most of our your money whilst you explore the world.

Keep it incognito

Websites use cookies to record when a visitor has been onto their site. So if you’re looking for flights, travel or accommodation online, you’re leaving a traceable record of all previous searches. By making your viewing window incognito, you’re removing the possibility of the website ‘seeing’ you’ve already visited – so you’ll be shown the best price, rather than an inflated one which returning visitors are likely to see.

Take a class – for free!

Wherever you are in the world, there are always free classes, museum sessions, city tours and more – for free. Do your research and ask the locals – you’ll be amazed at how many life-enhancing experiences you can have in a new place for free.


Hostels are a fantastic way to save money whilst travelling, as they’ll come in far cheaper than hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses. Often you’ll find the quality of accommodation can rival many more expensive places, as the standard of hostels across the world is now so high. You’ll meet tonnes of like-minded people also excited to be out exploring the world and you can take advantage of their traveller extras, such as free wifi, sometimes free food and often free book exchanges!

Book in advance

The further in advance you book your travel, the more choice you’ll have and the more favourable the costs of your trip will be. This is true for travel, experiences and accommodation – as well as airport parking!

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