Depending on where in the world you are travelling to, the debate still stands of whether or not you will need to rent a car when you get there in order to get around. In locations such as New York and London, there is no need for a car as public transport is easily accessible and runs regularly. However, when travelling to places such as LA and other areas, a car may be needed depending on your itinerary. Here, we are going to look at the age-old debate of car rental vs public transport and how it can either positively impact or hinder your trip.


When planning your holiday, the first thing you think of is the location, the flights and the accommodation. Additionally, there is the option to drive to the airport yourself and leave your car in with a trustworthy airport parking provider.

However, when travelling it is important to consider the mode of transport you are going to need when you are in the country you are going to. With many locations around the world having must-see attractions widely spread with varying levels of traffic, it is important to do your research on the surrounding areas. An example of this is Los Angeles, with its high level of traffic and limited bus service, it makes it difficult to travel around this vast area to all of the main attractions. However in other locations such as Rome, public transport to the centre of the city is easily accessible and is often used by the locals to get around. This will, therefore, benefit you as it eliminates the cost of a rental car and allows you to commute like the locals.


In many locations around the world renting a car can be expensive, with multiple hidden charges that can rack up quite a bill. In fact, in some countries, it can be difficult to pick up a rental car at a reasonable price. However using public transport where possible could save you money in the long run, through the purchase of a weekly bus ticket for the duration of your stay. This will allow you to travel around the busy streets without the stress of driving, allowing you to take in all the culture. Another positive to using public transport is that you can communicate with the locals and find out more about the area you are in. This is beneficial as it allows you to visit places with less tourism and see more of the local area.


When travelling abroad there is a lot that you will want to explore. With multiple locations to visit in a short space of time, a rental car offers you that level of flexibility, allowing you to get in the car and go without the need to plan your route or how many different forms of public transport you need to get on. This level of flexibility is ideal as it will not hinder your overall experience and will allow you to undergo the activities that you want without the stresses of preplanning.

Language barriers

When driving in foreign countries you could find yourself hitting some language barriers when it comes to directions and road signs. Travelling in your own car could, therefore, present problems and can become more of a hindrance than an aid. Before you head off, it is important to do your research on the location and ensure that you have sought advice from other travellers in the area.

The debate of rental car vs public transport is very varied depending on the location in which you are travelling and the accessibility of their public transport system. It is therefore important to research the area in depth and plan the activities beforehand to allow you to see the distance between each activity and the hotel and whether the use of a rental car is necessary.

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