Stansted Airport Long Stay Parking

Why Choose A Long Stay Car Park Stansted Airport

A London Stansted airport long stay car park option is the perfect solution if you are going away for over two weeks. Choose this if you want to have the convenience of your own car for your journey to and from the airport. When booking into a Stansted airport long stay car park after booking online, there will be no hassle. There is automatic number plate recognition in place. So, your entrance and exit will be as simple as possible. Parking in Stansted airport long stay is easy. You don’t have to give your keys to anyone and can keep them for the duration of your holiday. To make it easier for passengers, there are free bus transfers from the long stay car park near Stansted airport. These operate every 15 minutes and take 15 minutes to get you directly to the terminal. Car parking London Stansted airport long stay is also extremely secure. It has been awarded the Park Mark award. This means that car parking stansted airport long stay has adequate safety measures in place. The measures put into place at the official London Stansted airport car park long stay options are things such as CCTV, guards on patrol and lockable gates. These measures are to stop your car being stolen, damaged or vandalised.

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How Much Are Stansted Airport Long Stay Car Park Charges

The Stansted airport parking long stay prices completely depend on how long you are intending to utilise the parking space for your car. The price is a set price of roughly £20 a day, that you simply pay per day you are parking. The only thing that affects the Stansted airport long stay car park charges is the time of year that it is when you are looking to book. If you are booking October-April, the airport Stansted car park long stay cost will be £21.50 a day. If you are booking May-September, the cost is £23.50. While this might seem expensive, it works out cheaper than parking in the short stay parking sometimes. Should you be going away for a longer period of time, the short stay section ranges from £47.00 to £57.00 a day. So, if you’re going away for more than just a day or so, definitely check out your mid stay or long stay car park near Stansted airport options.

How To Get Cheap Parking at Stansted Airport Long Stay

You may think that because London Stansted airport long stay parking is an extremely popular, city centre based airport, that the Stansted airport parking long stay prices would be extremely high. In many cases you would be correct. Especially if you turn up on the day and pay the Stansted airport long stay parking cost quoted on the gate. You may be paying a premium – this is because these are counted as ‘late bookings’. And as such has no Stansted airport long stay parking early booking discount.

While there are plenty of cheap parking Stansted airport long stay options, we would always recommend you book early to avoid disappointment! Because of its size, desirable location and large amount of flights flying in and out of the airport daily, there is high demand for cheap long stay parking at Stansted airport. Many spaces are booked up months in advance. Therefore, you want to take advantage of discounts and deals. In addition to this, save yourself the hassle of driving round looking for a space on the day. Simply book your long stay car park Stansted airport space early.

Use Airport-Parking to Find Stansted Airport Long Stay Parking

Using a price comparison site such as Airport-Parking is the best way to find out how much your long stay car park Stansted airport fees will be. As well as this, using a tool is also the best way to compare stansted airport parking long stay. Airport-Parking allows you to compare Stansted airport parking long stay, with over 200 airport car parks compared. In the past, if you wanted to weigh up the pros and cons of different cheap parking at stansted airport long stay options, you’d have to call up and research into various companies offering cheap parking at Stansted airport long stay. From here, you would need to make the comparison between each London stansted airport long stay car park provider yourself.

This is very time consuming and inconvenient and is where Airport-Parking can help you. Allow Airport-Parking to do the legwork for you to find an amazing stansted airport long stay parking deal. Simply input a few simple details of your trip and let us find you the best quotes in under five minutes! Use Airport-Parking today and see how much you could save on parking in Stansted airport long stay. We can help you find all kinds of parking solutions that match your needs and budget. These are things such as Stansted airport hotels with long stay parking. Whatever you’re looking for, use our handy tool today!

Stansted Long Stay Airport Parking FAQs

What is long-stay parking at Stansted Airport?

Long-stay parking at Stansted Airport provides a convenient parking option for travellers who plan to leave their vehicles at the airport for an extended period, typically more than 24 hours.

How can I book long-stay parking at Stansted Airport?

You can book long-stay parking at Stansted Airport online through the official airport website or by contacting the airport's parking services. Online booking often offers discounts and guarantees a parking space.

What is the cost of long-stay parking at Stansted Airport?

The cost of long-stay parking varies based on the duration of your stay and the specific parking area you choose. Generally, parking rates are more affordable for longer stays, and discounts may be available for pre-bookings.

Is there a shuttle service from long-stay parking to the airport terminals?

Yes, Stansted Airport typically provides shuttle services that run at regular intervals between the long-stay parking areas and the airport terminals, ensuring convenient transportation for passengers.

Is long-stay parking at Stansted Airport secure?

Yes, Stansted Airport takes security seriously. Long-stay parking areas are equipped with security cameras, regular patrols, and safety measures to protect parked vehicles.

Can I make changes to my long-stay parking reservation after booking?

Most long-stay parking providers at Stansted Airport allow you to modify your reservation, such as changing your dates or cancelling, subject to their terms and conditions. Check with the parking provider for specific policies.

Is there a maximum time limit for long-stay parking at Stansted Airport?

While long-stay parking options at Stansted Airport cater to extended stays, there may be a maximum duration limit. It's important to review the parking provider's guidelines to avoid any issues.

Are there electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the long-stay parking areas?

Stansted Airport is gradually introducing EV charging stations in some of its parking lots. Verify the availability of EV charging on the airport's website or by contacting the parking provider.

What happens if my flight is delayed, and I exceed my booked parking duration?

If your flight is delayed, and you exceed your booked parking duration, you may incur additional charges. It's advisable to inform the parking provider or adjust your booking if you anticipate a delay.

Is there a discount for booking long-stay parking at Stansted Airport in advance?

Yes, booking long-stay parking in advance is often more cost-effective than paying on-site. To secure the best rates and
guarantee availability, it's recommended to reserve your parking space well in advance of your travel date.